HTTP/2: The Future of the Web Is Here!

ApaxonHost is proud to announce the immediate availability of the HTTP/2 technology on all its servers! HTTP/2 builds on the HTTP/1.1 protocol (which is now over 15 years old) and can make your website load substantially faster, especially if it uses multiple elements such as images and videos.

How much faster? See for yourself

It does this thanks to:

  • Multiplexing – Allows multiple requests to be handled at the same time, instead of one at a time.
  • Binary – Uses native computer language when sending information, rather than translating it into a browser language which takes more time.
  • Less Overhead with Headers– Utilizes HPACK compressions, a much more efficient way to represent header files, load times are faster.
  • Priority – Prioritization occurs, allowing files that are assigned greater importance to be delivered faster.

The result: a faster website, and happier website visitors and clients!

ApaxonHost has already rolled out the HTTP/2 technology on all web hosting and reseller hosting accounts.

Do note: most browsers will only enable HTTP/2 acceleration if you use SSL security on your websites (that’s the “https” at the start of your web address). If you haven’t already, this would be an appropriate time to install an SSL certificate on your website to get it secured and accelerated!

Want to check if your website is currently running on HTTP/2? This handy tool will let you know!

Happy hosting!

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