Keep Prospects and Clients Engaged with Email Marketing

Getting website visitors and new clients is hard and expensive. Businesses can pay hundreds if not thousands of dollars on new customer acquisitions. Many online businesses today are often overlooking the most cost-efficient way of bringing in new business, and maximizing revenue generated from their existing business: email campaigns and newsletters.

With Email Marketing, powered by Cakemail, you can keep prospects and clients engaged, generate new leads and sales, and keep clients coming back with effective newsletters and email marketing campaigns. In fact, email is the most cost effective method to create lasting relationships with your target audience and convert your leads into paying customers.

According to the Direct Marketing Association, the return on investment for email marketing campaigns is almost $41 for every $1 invested. Email marketing works so well because it can be automated, the results are measurable, it’s personalized and it’s affordable.

Email Marketing is particularly useful for online stores (promotions, loyalty programs, sales and specials), technology companies (product updates, training, lead generation), Restaurants and Entertainment (event notifications, daily menus, news and announcements) and Non-Profit organizations (fundraising, development of recruitment campaigns).

Customers who use Email Marketing normally notice a rapid increase in visitors to their website after their first email campaign, and experience a stable and continuous growth of their sales and revenue, particularly from existing customers. By integrating a subscription form to your mailing lists directly on your web site, your contact lists will gradually increase over time, as will your return on investment in your other marketing efforts (pay per click campaigns, offline ads, etc).

In certain cases, visitors may not be ready to buy or order in the exact moment they are viewing your website; however, they will willingly sign up to your newsletters. An effective email marketing campaign can successfully connect with clients in order to compel them to act when they are ready. As such, Email Marketing is an indispensable tool for converting leads into paying customers.

Email Marketing is simple to use, offering several beautiful templates to choose from, so that you can send professional looking emails every time.

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